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The COVID Vaccines for ages 6 months and older have been approved by the CDC, and will be available by appointment only at Pediatrics at Perkins location the week of July 5th.

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We are aware of the recent recall of Philips CPAP, BIPAP, and Trilogy products and are working to obtain more detailed information regarding the risks and their potential severity.

Currently, Philips recommends discontinuing use of your CPAP or BiPAP.  Trilogy users should continue use of their products, as per Philips’ recommendation, until an acceptable alternative is available.  Unfortunately, we have no timetable for when corrective action will be completed by the manufacturer, but we anticipate this will be a lengthy process.  We encourage you to immediately begin the registration process with Philips.  Also, contact your equipment provider and insurer to determine if a replacement unit can be provided and whether this will be covered by your insurer.  Upon request, we will provide written prescriptions for any needed new equipment purchase, either through your insurer or directly by you.  There are multiple websites offering equipment for purchase by you.

If you have any question or concerns, please contact your physician.  As always, avoid driving or operating machinery if you are sleepy, and avoid agents that increase sleepiness (such as alcohol and sedating medications).

Philips website:


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