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Common Coronavirus Questions Answered by our Internal Medicine Physicians


Receiving current and accurate information from a trusted source is important. Please keep in mind this is changing on a daily basis.


Contributions by Michael L. Rolfsen, MD, FACP | March 19, 2020

With the current COVID-19 situation, should I still come to my appointment?

If you are healthy and coming for a routine visit, discuss with your doctor if you can come as planned, delay your appointment, or take advantage of the option of a virtual (video) visit.   If you have a cough or fever we are recommending you do not come to the clinic without contacting your doctor.  Your doctor may decide to offer you a virtual ( video)  visit where he or she can evaluate you using video conferencing and decide what is the best course of action. If your doctor does tell you to come for an appointment it is vitally important that you put on a mask as soon as you enter the building.


I am scheduled for my quarterly diabetic eye exam, in light of the coronavirus concerns, should I cancel or reschedule? I have concerns waiting in a crowded lab.

We have significantly cut down on the wait times in our labs and you may wear a mask if you are concerned. If your diabetes is in excellent control, you may discuss with your doctor the possibility of deferring the test for a few months.


With the COVID-19 situation and because of my age – should I cancel my appointment?

Each case is different. While age is a risk factor for serious infection with COVID-19, there are additional factors that might increase your risk  (kidney disease, COPD or emphysema, Cancer, certain drugs, etc) and there are diseases and conditions that might make it more important for you to come in. We recommend calling your doctor for advice if you are concerned.

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