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Respiratory Assessment Center

Patients that have been assessed and screened by their Baton Rouge Clinic physician for fever and respiratory symptoms will be seen at our Respiratory Assessment Center, located at our Urgent Care Center (adjacent to our Main Clinic next door to Albertson’s).

Procedure Testing

Patients that are scheduled for a surgical procedure must have a negative COVID-19 test prior to their surgery.  Patients will be scheduled by their physician to have this test done at our drive-thru Procedure Testing site located at our Urgent Care Center (adjacent to our Main Clinic next door to Albertson’s-look for the green procedure testing sign ). Patients must be scheduled for this test by their physician.

Antibody Testing

The Baton Rouge Clinic is now offering antibody testing.  When you are exposed to an infection, your body’s immune system is stimulated and responds to the infection by making antibodies against it. There are different types of antibodies and they act differently in helping your immune system respond to different types of infections.  Patients that have had infection with Covid-19 have developed antibodies against the virus.  These antibodies may protect you against further infection and this test will tell you whether you have developed antibodies against the virus. This test can be ordered by your Baton Rouge Clinic physician.   If you have any questions about the antibody test, please contact your physician at (225) 769-4044.

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