Halloween always starts weeks before the actual day when we start working on our costumes—this year, along with scary, let’s make them safe.

Costume Safety
  • Make sure they fit. Short is best to avoid tripping. Also make sure they are not too tight; kids need to be able to walk safely, including the occasional steps to the door.
  • Apply make-up instead of masks—masks can obstruct vision which is dangerous when crossing the roads or following the group.
  • Make sure costumes can be seen at night, even if you must apply reflective tape to the costume.
  • Only buy costumes that are flame retardant and avoid fire hazards like burning Jack-o-lanterns.
The Walk
  • It is always safest to trick-or-treat in the daylight.
  • Don’t go alone—groups are safer, and always have an adult in your group.
  • Don’t go to houses with the lights off.
  • Carry a flashlight.
  • Never get in a car with strangers.
  • Don’t cut through alleys, fields, or parks.
  • Stay on the side walks in well-lit and populated areas.
  • Use street safety by reminding kids about crossing the street only at intersections and only after looking both ways.
Candy Safety
  • Do not eat any candy, gum, or other snacks before an adult has checked all of it in a well-lit area.
  • Inspect homemade goodies for anything suspicious.
  • Throw away all opened treats or treats that are not in their original wrappers.
  • 24 hour rule—while I don’t suggest eating all your candy in one night, I do suggest that what your child does not eat in 24 hours needs to magically “disappear” like the ghosts of Halloween.
Halloween Extra Safety Thoughts
  • Think of other ways to celebrate: Parties, haunted houses, or church fall fairs.
  • Watch out for props and costumes with batteries—if swallowed, batteries can be very dangerous.
  • Identify your Ghouls and Goblins: Put their name, address, and phone number somewhere on them (e.g., back of costume or a necklace).
  • Choose safe props—avoid things that could look too real like guns and knives, and always watch out for pointy things.
  • When you are decorating your house make sure there is a clear path to the door without a lot of yard art and Jack-o-lanterns (especially ones with lit candles) to trip up the little trick-or-treaters.
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