BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – Many people will be heading to the pool this summer to cool off, but there are some dangers that should be considered when swimming.

According to the CDC, about 10 people die from drowning every day. Brett Weinberger with BREC said the best way from becoming a victim is learning how to swim. He has some tips for those who don’t know how.

“Make sure your kids are wearing a safety device like a life jacket,” said Weinberger. “Make sure that the people who are with your children are watching your children.”

Dr. Susan Bankston with the Baton Rouge Clinic said even a kitty pool can be unsafe because children can drown in an inch of water. She said if someone doesn’t know how to swim don’t be afraid to admit it.

“When I was a resident up in Shreveport, we did have a teenager that drowned,” said Bankston. “He was in a group of people and he didn’t want to admit not being able to know how to swim and the next thing you know they found him on the bottom of the pool.”

Several locations are offering swim lessons including Crawfish Aquatics, YMCA and BREC Parks.

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