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The foot contains 19 muscles, 28 bones, 33 joints and 107 ligaments. We look forward to the opportunity to help with any of your foot care needs.  Here at the Baton Rouge Clinic, our podiatrists specialize in surgery, diabetes and wound care to ensure that whatever foot issues our patients may be experiencing, we are here to help.

Common Foot Issues Treated by the Baton Rouge Clinic

Though each situation is unique, there are common issues that may require a podiatrist’s medical treatment. Our specialists often treat patients for the following:

  • Diabetes: You might not associate this disease with your feet, but diabetes can cause nerve damage in the feet that leads to numbness, pain and even amputation if not treated properly. If you have sores on your feet and have been diagnosed with or are at risk of having diabetes, it’s important to have them checked out by a podiatrist.
  • Arthritis: Each foot consists of 33 joints, and when they become inflamed or swollen, patients often experience serious pain, stiffness and immobility. Podiatrists can help determine a treatment plan to help alleviate pain caused by arthritis using physical therapy and certain medications.
  • Bunions or hammertoes: A bunion occurs when the joint near the big toe grows in size and pushes toward the other toes. Often caused by deformity, arthritis or ill-fitting shoes, hammertoe occurs when a toe bends downward instead of pointing forward. Each condition can cause discomfort or pain and should be addressed by a podiatrist.
  • Nail Infections: Foot fungus and ingrown toenails can cause infections in the toenails. Podiatrists often prescribe antifungal medications to help cure these types of infections.
  • Flat Feet: If you are experiencing pain from having flat feet, a podiatrist can create custom orthotic inserts that provide arch support and relieve pain.

Diagnosing Your Condition

Podiatrists use several diagnostic procedures to help determine the cause of foot pain and discomfort, and subsequently, the proper treatment for the issue. Some of these procedures include:

  • X-rays: These images will help a podiatrist get a better look at the 26 bones that are in each of your feet to see if there are any breaks or fractures.
  • MRI scan: This procedure uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create internal pictures of your body.
  • Nail swab: A podiatrist will perform a nail swab if a fungal infection is suspected.

Treatment for Your Feet

The passionate podiatry staff at Baton Rouge Clinic has the expertise and tools available to provide relief and treatment for your foot pain or discomfort.  If you’re experiencing any issues with your feet, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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