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Sitting too much can cause your back to tighten up but this easy stretch can help.
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Does your lower back hurt after sitting all day?

Hours of sitting or standing can cause muscles to tighten up.

Watch this video or follow the tips below for an easy way to stretch your lower back muscles:

  • Sit up nice and straight, with your sit bone all the way back in the back of the chair.
  • Take a deep breath. Reach arms straight up.
  • Exhale with a flat back as you lean forward and rest your chest onto your thighs, letting your arms relax to the floor.
  • Stay there for about a minute and take slow deep breaths as your lower back muscles relax.
  • To come out of the stretch, slowly put your hands on top of your knees and roll back up into a sitting position.

If you do this stretch several times during the work day, you’ll have a better range of motion for things like bending over desks and reaching into file cabinets.

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