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BATON ROUGE, LA (WGMB) – Botox… most of us know its use for cosmetic reasons, but what about migraines?

“Traditionally, Botox has been used for cosmetic procedures. So, people may feel reluctant to use Botox for medical therapy, but in actuality, Botox is very effective for migraine headaches,” said Dr. Pedro Oliveira, a neurologist at the Baton Rouge Clinic.

That is what Dr. Oliveira is talking about in this week’s Women’s Wellness.

“Botox is an injectable purifier protein that’s made from bacteria, and it’s injected into the muscles and paralyzes them. It’s used in a lot of things. For migraines, it’s thought that it blocks the pain sensory pathways between the head and the neck, and also, certain parts of the brain, migraines thought to be generated from,” explained Dr. Oliveira.

Dr. Oliveira recommends Botox for those who have chronic migraines.

“These are the patients that experience at least 15 or more headache days out of the month, and this also includes patients who tried and failed several medications,” said Dr. Oliveira. “Migraines are more common in women. So, we did see quite a lot of women having injections done, and that’s thought to be related to estrogen playing a role in migraine headaches.”

What goes in to the procedure?

“The injection needle that we use is very small, and the injection sight is very superficial. It’s just under the skin. Most people tell me it feels like a small pinch, and the whole procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes. After the procedure, patients are able to drive home, and they can resume their daily activities,” said Dr. Oliveira.

Dr. Oliveira said Botox for migraines is done every 12 weeks.

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