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By performing Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery, surgeons effectively treat cancer while preserving the natural shape of the breast, leaving no visible reminder behind and minimizing the daily emotional reminder of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery allows us to remove the cancerous tissue through a single incision made in an inconspicuous area, preserving the natural shape of the breast while reducing visible scarring. Patients who undergo this approach experience optimal clinical and cosmetic outcomes, and are at no higher risk of recurrence than patients who undergo any other surgical technique.

“One does not have to travel to Houston or New York to receive their cancer surgery and treatment. The breast cancer experts are here in Baton Rouge. We have trained at MD Anderson and Memorial Sloan-Kettering to bring this expertise to the Capital Region. The talent is in our own back yard. Our goal is to treat and cure breast cancer along with making the woman whole again through reconstruction and hidden scar surgery.” – Everett J. Bonner, Jr., M.D., FACS

Each year, approximately 405,000 women in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer that requires surgery. In Louisiana, approximately 5,800 women will be impacted, with many unaware of all the surgical options available, including minimally invasive approaches that can help restore their self-image and allow them to begin the emotional healing process.

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