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Here’s what some of our patients have to say about us:

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Patient Reviews

“To me, they make you feel like family.”

“One of the biggest reasons we started going is because I felt like the quality of care would be superior. To me, they make you feel like family. I’ve gotten to know several nurses there, and they always add that personal touch. Dr. Cooley is funny and can lighten the mood even when you aren’t feeling well. Dr. Schwartzenburg has treated my son since he was an infant and now he’s a teenager, but it’s been a seamless transition. I always feel like they take their time. I’ve never felt like they are trying to rush me out.

The physicians are top notch. The Baton Rouge Clinic would not have lasted this long if they did not have great physicians and great quality of care. When you think of everything that has changed over the years in our world, our community and the world of health care, it’s amazing that they have continued to adapt and grow. They’re always striving to do the best.”

Kelly Holland, Patient, Baton Rouge

“The doctors I have dealt with show a lot of compassion and empathy and confidence.”

“I always think the great physicians treat the person with the disease, and that has been my experience at the Clinic. The doctors I have dealt with show a lot of compassion and empathy and confidence. When you look across the breadth of the Clinic, they can deal with almost anything that comes up,” Ritter said. “I think that speaks to its efficiency and competence. The Baton Rouge Clinic is a comprehensive health care center. You can have confidence that they can meet your needs.”

Robert Ritter, Patient, Baton Rouge, LA

“I feel good, and I look fantastic!”

“I weighed 350 pounds at my largest in 1995.  I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol and suffered from chronic fatigue, migraines, and lower back pain. I joined Weight Watchers and lost 50 pounds but began gaining weight again.  In November 2007, my OB/GYN and dear sister-friend uttered these fateful words, “You are TOO BIG!”   I weighed 300 pounds, and even on meds, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were extremely high.  I had a new diagnosis, insulin resistance, which complicated weight loss. My friend recommended the Lap-Band weight loss surgery that Dr. Jonathan Taylor performed. On December 19, 2007, Dr. Taylor performed the surgery and it has been a success.  The Lap Band, Weight Watchers, and Jesus have made it possible for me to lose a total of 125 pounds! All of my health issues have been resolved. I feel good, and I look fantastic!



I am grateful to Dr. Taylor for allowing me to share my story. I have spoken at his seminars twice.  I have been a witness to many people who were interested but afraid to have weight loss surgery.  I offer a warm and generous dialogue about this very emotional subject.  I find that talking about my journey to overcome morbid obesity helps me to keep focused in order to maintain my weight loss, which I could never do before.  After 33 months and 110 pounds gone, I reset my goal weight and lost an additional 15 pounds while on maintenance. Maintaining weight takes just as intense focus and commitment as losing the weight. I am proud to say I have maintained my weight loss for four phenomenal years!!!! Just as I changed my mindset regarding losing and maintaining a healthy weight, I can convince others that it is possible for them to be a success!  I am a shining example to anyone who desires to permanently take control of their health.  Weight loss surgery provided the permanent weight loss that was always elusive to me. It changed my life, for good and forever.”

— Jacqueline A. Nash, J.D. Patient, Baton Rouge

“I’ve always been very pleased with the service I’ve received.”

“I know that satisfied ‘customers’ rarely take the time to make positive comments about service or products. Seems like people more quickly rant than rave. Having owned a small business, I know this first hand.

I’ve always been very pleased with the service I’ve received at the Baton Rouge Clinic. The wait times at every stage of a visit have always been minimal (including the lab). My phone calls have always received a prompt reply. The physicians have always been caring and willing to listen and provide explanations as needed. The support staff has always been friendly and professional.

Over the years I’ve seen several physicians at the clinic and these statements have been true for all. I first starting going to the Clinic because of some positive referrals and the close proximity to my job. However, I’m retired now, and even though it’s now approximately a 20-mile drive (one way), the level of service certainly justifies the inconvenience of the drive.

I also must mention how useful MyChart has been. It’s great not having to try to jot down test results as someone delivers them over the phone. Being able to see and compare past results is also convenient and useful.”

— Michael Carl Patient, Greenwell Springs

“Dr. Taylor and his staff were there for me through each incredible milestone.”

“I’ve been heavy all my life, or at least as long as I can remember. I grew up poor, in a family of four kids. My mother worked long hours, so dad looked after us mostly. I remember him taking us to fast food drive-thrus and Chinese take-outs several times a week. The $1 BK Whopper was a go-to meal for feeding all of us quickly and cheaply. Over the years, I gained pound after pound. After college, I had gotten so heavy that size 20 jeans would barely zip. I was beginning to get fed up with the way I looked and how my clothes fit, so I decided to join a gym. On the day of my first workout, I stepped on the scale – something I had not done in years. I was shocked at the number I saw: 292. I knew I was heavy, but I had no idea I was that heavy. Through a combination of diet and exercise, I lost 70 pounds. I wanted to lose more, but I hit a plateau that I couldn’t shake, and I grew discouraged. I went back to my old couch potato ways and packed on 50 or so pounds. Gaining all that weight back was devastating. But I refused to give up. I decided I needed to do something different, something drastic.”



“In the summer of 2014, I made an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Taylor at the Baton Rouge Clinic to inquire about weight loss surgery. Naturally, I was nervous during the visit, but Dr. Taylor put me at ease right away. He explained that I was a good candidate for Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and addressed all my questions and concerns. At 30 years old and 276 pounds, I was “sleeved” on September 10, 2014. It was tough getting used to a whole new way of eating, but I stuck with the plan to the letter. For exercise, I started out walking 1 mile. The pounds shed quickly. Over time, I built up enough stamina to run 3-4 miles – something I never dreamed I would be able to do. Dr. Taylor and his staff were there for me through each incredible milestone.

In less than a year, I dropped over 100 pounds! My blood pressure and cholesterol have stabilized. My joints don’t hurt anymore. I have more energy. Shopping for clothes is actually fun again. And I never get tired of friends and family telling me how hot I look! I am grateful to the Baton Rouge Clinic for helping me get a new look and a better, more healthful life.”

— Leah Square Patient, Baton Rouge

“I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

Odom Vaughn was shocked when he lost vision in his eye one day. After a trip to Baton Rouge Clinic, his primary care physician referred him to another Clinic physician, and they discovered he had experienced a small stroke.

“I was very impressed with the team at The Baton Rouge Clinic. They did not hesitate to collaborate between their doctors and specialists to quickly diagnose my problem and then they worked hard to find the exact combination of medicines to treat my specific symptoms. Through it all they were not only professional, but very personable. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

— Odom Vaughn Patient, Baton Rouge

“The Baton Rouge Clinic has helped us live a normal life.”

Nick Bosse was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder that severely affected his ability to lead a life most would term “normal.” For over a year, for six hours every Tuesday, young Nick has received a revolutionary new treatment administered by the infusion center at The Baton Rouge Clinic.

Mignon Bosse Patient, Baton Rouge

“The Baton Rouge Clinic has made it as easy as possible for us to get this treatment right here close to home,” says Nick’s mom, Mignon Bosse. “It’s always the same two nurses who are there and they treat Nick so special. They even stay late for him and walk us to our car since we sometimes close the Clinic down. Now our whole family goes there. Honestly, after years of trauma with both our boys, the Baton Rouge Clinic has helped us live a normal life.”