We have combined the latest medical equipment, technology and treatment options with a staff of highly skilled medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to caring for patients and their families. And just as importantly, our team is committed to providing compassionate care and treating each patient with dignity and respect at all times.


The full range of clinical services we offer fall under four main categories as follows:

Primary Care Physicians

One of the most basic fields of medicine – and also one of the most important.

Medical & Surgical Subspecialties, Baton Rouge Surgery

Physician Subspecialties

We’ve earned a reputation as the premier provider of medical and surgical subspecialties in the region.

Baton Rouge Specialty Centers

Specialty Centers

We offer a number of specialty centers that are focused on highly specialized areas of care.

Clinical Support & Diagnostics

Clinical Support & Diagnostics

Our clinical support and diagnostic services play a major role in providing the highest quality care possible for you and your family.

BR Clinic

The Baton Rouge Clinic is proud to serve as the most comprehensive source of specialized medical care in the region as well as being a leader in clinical excellence.