Sometimes the most important signs of health issues can’t be viewed with the naked eye. Imaging technology helps doctors see what’s going on inside the body for a more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

At our Imaging Center for Women in Baton Rouge, we offer services using the latest imaging equipment. Our medical professionals are caring, experienced, and ready to walk you through the process.


What Services Does the Center Offer?

Scans are essential diagnostic tools in nearly every medical specialty. As a center that provides women’s imaging in Baton Rouge, we offer three of the most common types of scans: bone density, ultrasound and 3-D mammography.


Bone Density Scanning

As women age, their risk of osteoporosis increases. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become weaker and, therefore, more prone to break.

Bone density scans allow doctors to evaluate patients’ bone strength by looking at how densely minerals are packed. The procedure involves X-rays and is noninvasive.



As the name implies, ultrasounds use sound waves to create an internal scan. Since there’s no radiation involved, it’s mainly used to monitor fetus development during pregnancy.

Although sonograms are associated with pregnancy in the public imagination, they’re useful in other situations as well. With ultrasounds, medical professionals can examine a number of different tissues and organs:

      • Bladder
      • Blood vessels
      • Eyes
      • Gallbladder
      • Kidneys
      • Liver
      • Ovaries
      • Pancreas
      • Spleen
      • Thyroid



A mammography, sometimes colloquially referred to as a mammogram, is a scan of the breast’s interior. The process uses low-dose X-rays and is generally used in early detection of breast cancer.

The X-rays allow medical professionals to identify any suspicious masses deep in the breast tissue. Women over the age of 45 are encouraged to get screened every one to two years. This approach can catch cancer before symptoms appear.


What Happens When You Get a Mammography?

To get the most accurate image, there shouldn’t be anything between the machine and your skin. For your privacy and comfort, Baton Rouge Clinic has in-suite dressing rooms.

The actual scan is very quick. You’ll be asked to stand in front of the machine. A plastic plate then presses down on your chest, flattening it out, so the X-ray can thoroughly scan the tissue.


Why Is Getting a Mammography Important?

Breast cancer is a serious threat to women’s health, as one in eight women will eventually develop it. Of all cancers, breast cancer is the most common in women.

Battling cancer is a long, hard road. Advances in medical technology have increased patients’ chances of survival, but one of the most important factors influencing recovery is the stage at which cancer is diagnosed.


Early Detection

Detecting breast cancer as early as possible is key to successful treatment. In fact, five-year survival rates are near 100% with early detection.
But what if you don’t have a family history of breast cancer? Isn’t it hereditary? While some genetic factors do increase the risk of developing this condition, anyone can get breast cancer. Research shows that there’s no family history in eight out of every nine women diagnosed.


Why Use 3D Mammography Machines?

Rather than using the stationary mammography machines that were standard in the past, Baton Rouge Clinic utilizes two Genius 3D Mammography machines. How does this work? Rather than taking just one image of breast tissue, the X-ray arm moves to take a series of images from different angles. This allows physicians to look at layers of tissue and have a complete understanding of any potential issues.


Safer Than Mammograms

One of the benefits of using Genius 3D Mammography machines over non-3D models is patient safety. X-rays emit a small amount of radiation, which can be harmful to organs. Generally, the amount of radiation exposure produced by X-rays is negligible, and the scan’s benefits outweigh the risks. However, it’s in patients’ best interests to minimize exposure, and Genius 3D Mammography machines emit less exposure than previous equipment.


Increased Accuracy

With their comprehensive imaging, Genius 3D Mammography machines are more accurate than standard mammogram devices. The layered images allow radiologists to see masses that may have been hidden behind denser tissue, which lets them catch cancer during its earliest stages.


Why Choose Baton Rouge Clinic?

When you’re seeking breast cancer imaging Baton Rouge, look to Baton Rouge Clinic. We have state-of-the-art equipment and our staff includes two experienced breast surgery specialists. For more information on our services, give us a call at (225) 246-9240 or contact us online.

What we offer:

    • Two Genius 3D Mammography machines
    • Bone Density Scanning (DXA for Osteoporosis)
    • Ultrasound
    • Separate waiting area for women inside the imaging center
    • Private in-suite dressing rooms


The Baton Rouge Clinic is proud to have two surgeons that specialize in Breast Surgery


    Everett J. Bonner, Jr., MD, FACS                 Mary Elizabeth Christian, MD, FACS, BCBA


Together we can ensure your healthiest future possible

Key Facts:

  • 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime
  • 8 out of 9 women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history
  • With early detection, the five-year survival rate is almost 100%

Our Imaging Center for Women has two Genius 3D Mammography machines.

What are the five benefits of 3D Mammography?

1.   More accurate detection: By minimizing the impact of overlapping breast tissue, 3D mammography can make a tumor easier to see. Reviewing multiple images can potentially help doctors find more cancers than with 2D images alone.

2.   Earlier diagnosis: Overlapping tissue can hide small cancers in a 2D scan. However, with 3D mammography, the image “slices” can be analyzed one by one. This means 3D mammography may potentially help detect cancers earlier than conventional mammography.

3.   Better detection in dense breast tissue: Dense breast tissue, often found in younger women, can cause shadows due to overlapping tissue, which sometimes hides tumors from traditional 2D mammography. 3D mammography takes images of the breast from multiple angles, thereby offering a cutting-edge look through and around breast tissue.

4.  Less Anxiety: 3D mammography can help reduce false alarms. The improved accuracy in diagnosing abnormal structures offered by a 3D view of the breast decreases the number of unnecessary callbacks to women for additional scans and biopsies.

5.  Safe and Effective: During a 3D mammogram, women will experience a negligible amount of additional radiation, compared with a standard mammogram.

How the Genius 3D Mammography works

The Baton Rouge Clinic is home to one of the region’s fellowship-trained breast cancer surgeons: Everett J. Bonner, Jr., MD, FACS, FSSO

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