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Geriatric medicine offers a unique approach to primary healthcare focused on the needs of seniors. The primary focus of this specialty is to maximize our patient’s functional abilities, while attempting to maximize opportunities of independent living as one ages. Falls and taking medications incorrectly by patients are the two greatest risk factors that can steal independence from an individual.

Our goal is to assist patients and their families to allow senior citizens to remain in their home environments for as long as possible. Coordination with physical therapy, home health services, and other community resources, and monitoring medication to minimize drug-related problems are central to achieving this goal.


Geriatric Medicine, baton rouge clinic
Geriatricians are specialized in helping to assess and balance quality of life issues with the risks of any possible tests or treatments.

Some tests can be quite uncomfortable and pose their own unique risks and complications for older individuals, such that the risk of some advanced tests or procedures may actually exceed the value of the information obtained or the outcome desired.

Our Internal Medicine physicians have training in geriatric medicine, and they will carefully assess each person in order to recognize the special needs of older adults. By listening to each of our patients’ complaints, they may recognize subtle details that can indicate a greater problem.

We at The Baton Rouge Clinic are committed to serving our senior citizens and their families so as to maximize quality of life for both.