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All narcotics, including pain medications, certain anxiety medications, and sleeping medications can only be refilled by your physician during regular business hours, and are not refilled after hours.


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The consistent and uninterrupted use of medication is important to maintaining your health.

Local Refills: For prescriptions filled locally please make every effort to request that your local pharmacist contact your physician for medication refills at least 7 workdays in advance.

Mail-Order Refills: For mail-order pharmacy service, contact your physician’s office at least 3 weeks before the 3rd month of an expiring 3-month prescription to request refills. You must be current with your clinical supervision of those conditions for which you are being treated. If you have not seen your physician, you may be asked to make an appointment to be seen.

MyChart: For patients who have registered an account through MyChart can request to refill medications by logging in and clicking on the Refill Your Medications link.

While many health plans may not allow you to fill the prescription before a designated time, your physician can send a renewal prescription in at any time.

If you contact your doctor directly, please have your name, date of birth, pharmacist’s name, and phone number ready. Many prescriptions cannot be refilled over the phone or by physicians not familiar with your case. Therefore, please make sure you always have enough medication for nights, weekends, and holidays. Refills that are requested after hours may only be filled with enough medication to help you reach the first available business day that the Clinic is open.