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BATON ROUGE, LA (WGMB) – Have you ever dealt with sinus infection after sinus infection, and things just don’t seem to get better? Listen up. In this week’s Women’s Wellness, Dr. Elliot Hardy, an ear, nose, and throat doctor here at the Baton Rouge Clinic, is talking about balloon sinuplasty.

“Typically, when we do it in the clinic is on adult patients, and it is approved for pediatric patients as well. It’s nice in pediatric patients. So, you can do it without disturbing their anatomy. We see it in both genders, with a slight female preponderance,” explained Dr. Hardy.

What goes into the procedure?

“So, in order to do the balloon sinuplasty, you would take a small balloon catheter, and insert it into the nose, and you can see this tiny narrow drainage outflow track, and what we would do would be to insert the balloon and the wire into that area, and dilate that up with the catheter, and pull it out. This would grow several times it’s size and what we would hope would be to stay that way and let the sinus drain better,” explained Dr. Hardy.

Dr. Hardy said unlike some other procedures, the recovery time for balloon sinuplasty is pretty short.

“It’s a procedure that is fairly easy to recover from, not a whole lot of pain. The advantage of doing the balloon sinuplasty is that you can return to work. Some people even return to work later that day or at least the next day, they can go back to work. There’s almost no down time from it.”

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